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Hi all! Welcome to the dancewear project’s blog! I wanted to start off the blog with a little background on the inspiration for the brand.

The whole reason for starting the dancewear project really stemmed from reluctantly wearing a basic solid leotard with pink tights for many years, as well as always pulling and pinching at different parts of my ill-fitting dancewear during class. After dancing and also working in the fashion industry, I finally decided to jump in and start the dancewear project.

Many people ask why it’s called the dancewear project. To me, the word project means something that’s in the works, always evolving, like an assignment. While I’ll always have reoccurring styles and signature colors, I’ll also be reacting to the fashion world and incorporating current trends, colors and prints into the line.  For this first collection, I obsessed over the fabric and the fit to start with, then incorporated the design elements into each piece.  The fashion elements are subtle and not over the top, as a dancer always needs to exude classiness and grace. As a former ballet dancer, I recognize and appreciate the beauty of its structure and discipline, but I still find myself thinking as Dr. Seuss said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

At the dancewear project, you can do both. 




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