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If you're on Facebook or Instagram, and love the dance world, chances are you're following Ballet Zaida. We caught up with Oliver Endahl, the creator of Zaida, to ask a few questions on how it all began.

Oliver, congratulations on your success with Ballet Zaida. I've always been curious as I'm sure your other followers are as well, how did you get started creating Ballet Zaida?

"When I was still dancing I was frustrated by the lack of exposure ballet had to the mainstream audience. I had recently gotten into photography and wanted to use my new found passion to help expose my first passion of dance. Since I had danced for over 10 years in San Francisco, I was lucky to have many very talented friends willing to model in the early days of the project. We used Facebook and later Instagram to help showcase the work. Since then ballet has become more popular, but I still hope to help educate and expose the masses to the beauty, depth, and storytelling ballet has to offer."

What aspect of running Ballet Zaida is the most fun for you?

"I love meeting and photographing new dancers. It's great to meet and learn somebody's story. Each dancer is an artist and is unique in their own way. I love figuring out what makes a dancer unique and beautiful and working to showcase their talents in my photos."

Where do you see Ballet Zaida in the future?

"We currently are working very hard on the Ballet Zaida films. We have released 4 films so far which have been viewed by over a million people. When you think about how a theater usually holds only a couple thousand people you realize the reach and the want for ballet across the world. In the future we hope to release longer and more complex films that people around the world and from all social and economic backgrounds can enjoy." 

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