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I'm always looking for a good ballet inspired workout, and I recently caught up with Julie, the founder of fitBallet, to check in and see what her fitBallet workouts are all about. 

What is FitBallet?

fitBallet is a high-intensity workout that combines traditional ballet exercises with circuit training. We do everything from planks to plies, with a focus on building strength and cardiovascular endurance. There's no need for prior dance training, although the workout will feel extra familiar (and helpful!) for women who took ballet class while growing up or are still actively dancing today!

How did you get started? 

I practiced for several years as a corporate attorney before launching fitBallet. While I was in law school and working at a big firm, I struggled with the really sedentary lifestyle. Throughout high school and college, I'd danced for multiple hours a day, and never really thought about exercise. Dance was my art and my way of staying in the kind of physical shape that felt healthy. But it's impossible to stop studying for the bar or leave a partner's emails unanswered so you can go attend several hours of ballet class in a day; it just wasn't feasible. I needed a workout that let me maintain my dancer body (strong, elongated muscles and a significant cardiovascular tolerance) and it had to be quick: one hour, in and out. Everything else I tried wasn't quite right: yoga felt a little too slow, Crossfit packed on too much muscle,and so on. So, I created a program for myself, and asked my friends (both dancers and non) to let me try it out on them. I fell in love with the process: designing the curriculum, seeing their results, and watching women I cared about moving toward health. Last August, I decided to quit law completely and pursue this full-time, and I couldn't be happier to have made that switch.

What is the most surprising thing you have found about running your own business? 

I've been most surprised by how all-consuming it is to invest yourself in something you truly care about. I've always been a hard worker; law prepared me for the long hours. But when someone else employs you, it's easier to call in sick or walk away at the end of the day with a clear mind. This business is different. I'm so invested in making fitBallet work. That's partially because it's nice to have a solvent business, but it's more because I want to spread this message of fitness being attainable to every single woman. I wouldn't have quit my job if I didn't have this passion for the underlying project, but of course the thing about passion's hard to switch it off just because it's 9pm. There's always one more email you can send, you know?

How can people sign up for classes?

Our website is, and you can sign up online! Your first class is $20, and the online calendar lists our available classes for the upcoming month. We're also on ClassPass. In addition to group classes, we do one-on-one training both in person and via Skype, so we can work with anyone, no matter where you are. 


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