Store Spotlight: The Dance Bag, Modesto, CA

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We first met Holly, owner of The Dance Bag, dance teacher and kinesiologist, at a Dance Retailer trade show. In talking with her, we knew The Dance Bag would be a great fit to carry our line. We wanted to know more about the store, how it started, what she enjoys most about the store, and what products are missing from the dancewear industry. 

Can you tell us a brief history of the store, The Dance Bag?

Our family opened the store in 1994. We had (have) a growing Regional Dance America ballet company in town with many dancers needing pointe shoes. Most of us were driving into the city to get shoes twice a month, and with a little research we had a store in the works. We opened August 15, 1994 with very few vendors. Within four years we expanded to the suite next door and a couple years later we expanded our back room to accommodate more inventory especially pointe shoes. We currently stock over 20 pointe shoe styles. We will move to our new bigger location between Dec 26- Jan 3rd

What is the most enjoyable aspect of running the store?

I like the behind the scenes, the ordering, social media, and book keeping etc. I know that sounds silly but I like the planning and projecting of styles. Viewing the upcoming fashions and overlapping companies to highlight each other which can build a bigger better display. I think people may purchase more when they see the garments matching with lots of other things. This takes time and planning.

Since you have access to many dance/dancewear products, are there any dance products that you feel are missing in the industry right now?

Yes, I loved the Capezio Plié and Tendu. They have recently discontinued them. As a teacher and a kinesiologist it's important to place a student in the absolute best shoe possible for their anatomical structures. I loved they could smoothly roll through the shoe and allow for a high 3/4 roll through at the metatarsal. We are replacing these shoes with Freed (which is my personal favorite) but with all the wonderful makers not everything fits the same, which makes it hard to stock, BUT the ladies at Freed allow returns of shoes which doesn't happen easily with most companies, and I'm so appreciative for that!

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